London for the Season

A Christmas Wedding

What About  Prudence

                    by Teddy Milne

     A series of three Regency romances, placed in the gentlemanly,

well-mannered era of the Prince  Regent of England, 1811-1820,

when the upper classes threw lavish balls and parties during the “London Season,”

meant to result in suitable marriages.

  If you’d like to escape from the present, just for a while, Regency romances have

a good chance of lowering your blood pressure and lending you

serenity.  Careful, they may be addictive!

            As a bonus, there are minor Quaker characters in the series.

        In “London for the Season,” Anabel and Kitty start a “bronzing

school” to prepare young ladies for Society.  They deal with the romantic

ups and downs of their four charges, and find unexpected romantic

possibilities for themselves, as well.  Will the droll Polish count win his

lady?  Will little Hugh get a loving mother?

        “A Christmas Wedding” is what seems to be in the offing for many,

although there are some sudden and rather startling alternatives.  Felicity

runs away from her wicked uncle in France, and joins the household. Jane’s

life changes rapidly. And “What About Prudence” follows the last of the

group as she rebels against the expected and…

        Here’s what some readers had to say about the first two books:

                “So authentic, so Jane Austen.”

                “Engaging, entertaining, and poignant.”

                “Like plucking fresh grapes and savoring each single taste.”

                “Fantastic dialogue, intrigue, humor and a happy ending.”

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